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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How the Indian Darshna Means the Seer, the Observer of Knowledge and Wisdom not Just Lover of Wisdom

In this video, we share what, why and how the Darshna means the Seer, the Observer of knowledge and wisdom not just lover of it. This state is called being Drishta, the Seer and further the one, who can experience the real self, the Drishta and thus the Darshna. The word Seer seems further illustration so I have just added a video for it. The seer in the Indian Philosophy as the Darshan by no way seems to have anything to what it says in the words used the Divination

The word that is used for Divination in India is for the enlightened people, who many call the Brahmgyani. The Brahmgyani means the one, who know and understands how nature works in the Space. In the Gurbani, the Wisdom Tree of Enlightened Souls that Sikhs follow as well as many others calls it Gagan Mah Thaal, Ravi Chand Deepak Banne Tarika Mandal Janak Moti... that means that in the Space Our Universe is like a Plate of Worship in which the Sun, Moon and Group of Stars are as if the burning lamps.  

In other words, nature in the universe is as if we put something in a plate to worship. This is how the universes and their presence in the Space is. The come into existence and vanish as does stars and the moons. The person, who understands it well is called the Seer, the knowinger of the universe and the nature. For them, the universes are as if the bodies are like planets, moons, stars and all that is visible. So, they mostly worship the Invisible that we know as the Spirit

The live in this Truth and thus Observe Wisdom as product of creation that also created the nature and thus the natural laws and principles that govern both the universes and the nature in the form of life. For them, both the knowledge and the wisdom are activities at mental to spiritual level, the metaphysical and thus philosophy. 

They, the Seers live Philosophy and thus set an example rather than preaching it to exhibit the knowledge and wisdom. All they have been doing is using all of their observations of knowledge and wisdom for research only that is for the wellness and welfare, and thus the development in the evolutionary way of all. 

Thus, they cultivate observations and this very original experience is pure research work in the Indian Philosophy. For example, the people who developed Ayurveda were full of Practical Philosophy based on all that we have discussed leading all to their knowledge and wisdom having three levels:

1. Yoga in action of knowledge and wisdom

2. Meditation as activity of knowledge and wisdom

3. Research as origin of activity from the Spirit as observation of knowledge and wisdom

The Spirit in India is also known as the Atma (also spelled as Atman - with thanks from the source:, which means the Self that has not even a trace of greed. Its a level when one does not have any greed so thus allowing the Spirit to work through the body as a vehicle or instrument. When the do any research their claim is that its not by them, but by the spirit. The word Spirit in broad sense is for Parmatma that is source of All Souls, the Atama .

Thus are the Vedas, Ayurveda, Shastras, Simirities, Puranas, and all other holy scriptures like the Holy Gita, Holy Ramayana and Shri Guru Granth sahib. They so claim it for the welfare of the natural world including humans that there is no such thing that makes one the owner, producer, seller of knowledge and wisdom. The sole aim is to serve selflessly. 

They earn butter and bread by work they do as professions rather than using research as something that earns all that one needs to live.

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Thanks for your time to read and view it.

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